10 comments on “Wigwam Village

  1. Oh wow, I remember wanting to stay in one of these on family vacations. We stopped and looked but my parents wanted a more conventional hotel room. I am so excited to see that one of these still exists quite close to us. Totally adding to the bucket lists. Thanks for sharing!

    • Aren’t they just the greatest? I actually squeeled when I found that postcard.They inspired the “Traffic Cone” motel in the movie “Cars”.

  2. A couple years ago I brought my kids to stay at the Wigwam Village when we visited Mammoth Cave during spring break. I didn’t tell them where we were staying, and they assumed we would stop at one of the usual hotel chains. When I pulled up to the Village, my 14-year-old blurted out “You’ve got to be kidding me!” and looked a touch scared. My 5-year-old thought we were right there in the “Cars” set.

    At least at the time it was a good place for a quiet stay. It’s located well away from the main tourist area (just like the Cozy Cone), and there aren’t many distractions. A great place to read!

    We can also vouch for the buildings’ sturdiness. A good storm/tornado blew through the area the second night we were there, but both our wigwams came through without a scratch.

  3. What a beautifully, well-written post. Your hard work and research really shows through. Thank you for informing all of us in a kind, precise manner.

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