7 comments on “See Y’all in a Week……

  1. Have a great time! No hurricanes……but we do need the rain you know!! But it can wait until you are safely home!
    Chris W….West Texas

  2. This central Floridian welcomes you to our state! If you are in Orlando, please stop by for “docktails” on Lake Conway! Have fun!

  3. Oh, awesome! My daughter and I are dying to stay at a B&B there, The Mermaid and the Alligator – it looks fabulous. Enjoy a chocolate dipped piece of Key Lime Pie on a stick for me!

    • We usually stay at a big hotel, but this trip we opted for a guest house ( maybe 15 rooms) , we like it better, small pool is perfect, all we miss is the usual hotel bar…….hehe

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