15 comments on “Sugar & Spice Pecans

  1. Lord have MERCY!!! I LOVE this recipe!!! Love the story MORE and WANT to be friends with your friend, Kylie. That cooking class would have been a dream come true for me! What a thoughtful and AMAZING gift!!! Thanks for sharin

  2. …dang! My keyboard betrayed me!!! I was trying to say: Thanks for sharing: you continue to inspire me, in EVERY season! Merry Christmas, y’all!

      • Ok…10 days down the road since my last comment: I just put two cookie sheets full of pecans in my ovens and have another sheet left sitting on the counter, waiting it’s turn….I have shared this recipe with a ton of friends and will be sharing the finished product with others in the days ahead. Can’t wait to get them out of the oven! I bought little “party bags” by Wilton @ Party City to bag these up for gifts! Gonna be some happy folks around me this coming week! Thank you again!!

      • And now my feet have hit the ground after my initial elation: this was a semi-epic fail…..I think my sugar water concoction turned to syrup…..never got any pretty pecans that had the pretty sugar crystals on them….just shiny over-cooked pecans from one pan and a just missed over-cooking on pan #2….pan #3 cooked the right amount of time so they are ok but just shiny. I didn’t think about that sugar dissolving too much and making syrup…..I AM going to try this again ($$$ dammit!!) because we love the flavor. I will use a smaller orange and a bigger lemon…and maybe a touch more cayenne. I want mine to look like yours….big disappointment for me…..we can eat what we made but not great enough for gifting……. 😦 !! Guess I will google how to make sugared nuts and see if the internet has any tips for me. I will NOT be deterred….pecans are reasonable (?) at Sam’s for 2 lbs/$12.98…..small price for an education! I will let you know……fingers crossed.

      • Vickie, the sugar mixture SHOUld turn into a syrup..that’s how it coats the pecans. I had trouble getting the sugar to crystalize in the oven too, I just kept them in the oven till it happened. Hope your next batch turns out…….fingers crossed here too.

  3. Thank you for sharing the recipe for sugar and spice pecans; they look scrumptious. I hope to prepare a large enough batch to share. Happy holidays to you and yours…

  4. Those look so yummy. Might have to try these myself! But, what really caught the eye of a Kentucky girl is that big gorgeous bottle of Makers Mark, being an Ambassador and all! I’ll be glad to sponsor you if you want! They give you great little gifts every year and when your barrel is “born” you get to go tour the facilities and dip your own bottles in that beautiful red wax! As a matter of fact, put the Kentucky Bourbon Trail on your bucket list! Beautiful country, not to mention great bourbon and great scenery! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Patricia that sounds so awesome. I’ve been to Kentucky (driving through to Ohio) and it is beautiful….Even more of an incentive to visit the Maker’s MArk distillery now.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. I have only 1 Silpat, so I’ll have to bake them in shifts, unless you think that 30 minute wait time for the ones not in the oven would make them just all stick together. I have lots of parchment paper. They’d probably stick to the paper wouldn’t they?

    • I don’t think the wait would hurt them at all, but I think you could bake them on just a cookie sheet without the silpat…..but they may stick a little……

      • Thanks for your input. I’ll use my old ugly cookie sheet. It can’t look any worse than it already does!

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