23 comments on “Red, Yellow & Green

  1. Hey I have this magazine! It’s not hoarding its collecting! Perfectly acceptable to collect Country Living form years gone by, I have mine sorted by season on a book shelf in my summer house in the yard 😉

  2. I love browsing through my stash of old mags, they are so much better than what is published today.
    Has the internet bumped them into classics?
    Also have noticed that I like some designers’ earlier work more than their current designs. This post is an example, perhaps with a bit less clutter.
    Hoard away guys.

  3. I finally took pictures of my torn out pages collection and then put in my pinterest acct bc tidiness became a must with our six sons. I love the plaids and bold yellow. I took your plaid sachets gifts and left them anonymously at each house on a local Christmas house tour as a thank you! So thank you for the inspiration. It only took me a year to share it. Happy hoardin/cherishing things that touch your hearts!

  4. I guess I will have to print and then cut out the framed piece over the mantle and the glass bookcase, because that’s the only way I will ever get them! I do hoard magazines, usually Phoenix Home and Garden.

    • I’ll bet he was stashing all those great pieces for years just waiting until he had a cabin to put it all in……I had to donate almost 20 years of MArtha Stewart before I moved in here……Don’t worry, I have 5 years of new ones to add to the hoard.

  5. Don’t cry!! Oh wait, did you mean “tears” as in “rips”? 😉 Thanks for sharing! And count me as another one who has tons of old magazine pages (and sometimes the entire magazine).

  6. I love this! I too have an illness of “saving” magazines. I have never gotten rid of a single issue of Country Living and in fact purchase old issues of ones I come across that I don’t have. I don’t think I have this issue. How can it be! I am dashing upstairs NOW to look for it. I have them all categorized by month. I am a lover of all things tartan as well. I never realized how national geographic mags en mass could be so visually pleasing. I just had a chance to pick up some on one of my junking expeditions and passed it up… Kicking myself.!!! Such an inspiring spread thanks. I live in a victorian home built in 1900. Keeping it clean and in repair a constant challenge but it is magic at Christmas! Happy holidays !

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