22 comments on “Hi Fi Holiday

  1. what a great idea! I’ve done framed albums before on shelves like this..but the idea of framing old Christmas albums is brilliant! I’ve been wanting to create shelves in my own hallway for our family photos….I’m so doing this in the next yr and then next Christmas copying this grand idea! Cheers…

  2. Hey James
    I have been a lurker for a long time, but today I felt compelled to write you about a wonderful gift we received for Christmas. A record player from our kids. A Pendleton record player from Urban Outfitters …yes it would be perfect for your style. It is a Crosley Pendleton player and it is on sale now!
    Take a peek! P.S. Love love your blog! Y’all are so talented!
    Happy Holidays! Shel

  3. Love love love the Christmas album wall! My son asked for a “record player” for Christmas a couple if years ago. He went to college in Abilene at the time and went to a shop called “The Record Guys” They sell records and when they get them record players. My parents also lived in Abikene so I had them pick up the record player. What fun it was on Christmas morning to listen to Creedence Clearwater Rival and explain to my 24 yr. old just how the player worked and what all the parts were for!! Priceless!! Yes. You need a turntable!

  4. I lurk but felt the need to tell you I love your blog! I’m pinning this to do in our music room. I’m also in Rowlett and love your posts around Dallas.

  5. Urban Outfitters web site…I bought the golden one and the sound is amazing. Add a pair of Bose speakers and you have it made. I just listened to my Johnny Mathis last night and it felt like he was in the room. At least that is what my mind told me. LOL
    http://www.urbanoutfitters.com type in Pendleton Record player or this sku-Product Sku: 32230120; Color Code: 024
    It is on sale now for $160….free shipping and I am sure you can grab a code for more off somewhere.
    They have a delivery date yet for 12-24..
    Hope this helps James..Happy Happy Holidays!!

  6. James
    Here is a coupon if you are interested in purchasing the record player..

    Use this code
    at checkout:


    Please copy the above promo code
    and paste it in the promo code
    box at checkout

    Urban Outfitters

    • Shel you are too sweet….and obviously determmined for me to own one of those things……But I have to wait and see what Santa brings me first….

  7. This is so great, and sometimes I think we may be the same person — I framed 9 albums that amused me (from the thrift store because my old records are still at my parents’ house). My favorite is “President Ronald Reagan reads stories from the Old Testament” complete with a depiction of Ronnie reading to some strangely out-of-proportion children.

    I bought a bunch of awesome vintage Xmas albums with the idea that I would switch the display out each year…but the frames were such a pain in the rear (and I am lazy) so the swap is not happening. Maybe in 2015! 🙂 Thanks as always for your wonderful blog. Best one out there, by far.

    • First of all Elise, I’m blushing….you just can’t see it right now…..secondly, I started blogging to meet “like-minded” people. Looks like it worked.

  8. Love your blog – I just found it recently and love your ideas and recipes. I have some album covers framed in my guest bedroom and replaced them with Christmas album covers. So much fun! Thanks for the idea!

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