11 comments on “Just Like the Ones I Used to Know…….

  1. And George Chakiris who would play Bernardo in the movie West Side Story was one of the back-up dancers for a Rosemary Clooney song segment. Thanks for all the interesting trivia in your post.

  2. Oh My Goodness – so much info on one of my fave all time movies (not just Christmas!) I always pop my DVD in while wrapping presents – perfect accompaniment 🙂 Thanks for sharing these tidbits – – Merry Christmas Boys, Love Lucy

  3. Thanks for the great trivia! I sent the link to my husband; he loves White Christmas. I myself was raised in an anti-White-Christmas household — my mother was (and is) so loyal to Holiday Inn that she poisoned me against WC. (She thought WC was basically a poor man’s Holiday Inn, plus she is a huge Fred Astaire fan and doesn’t much care for Danny Kaye.)

    I’d never even seen WC until my husband insisted we view it! I liked it, but old prejudices die hard…thankfully this is the only prejudice my parents EVER instilled in me! LOL!

  4. Was just watching for the 100th time last night. I didn’t know Vera had anorexia, but makes sense – her waist is the tiniest I’ve ever seen, and I was noticing that when she had on the short skirt and was twirling her 10 ft long legs and behind looked so thin and, well, scrawny is the word that comes to mind 😦

  5. Thanks for all the film extras! I would be a perfect companion because I can’t sit still or not talk during a movie, drives my family crazy, but oh well! You should see me in a theater, ha, that’s why I don’t go much. I am libal to just blurt out, oh my gosh did you see that, or he is lieing, she’s had a nose job! Haha always extra entertainment!

  6. This is by far one of my favourites, I watch it every Christmas season, simply love Vintage movie. Thanks for all the little details.

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