6 comments on “10 Gallon

  1. I’m sitting here at home (in OKC) because the office closed at 12:50 and there is a blizzard outside. Waiting for stew and perusing thru emails…What an awesomely random post! Thanks James! You are tan galan!!

    • Lizzie, I am also frozen in….Supposed to have a dumpster delivered today (for some demo) but he is frozen in too. So I Googled “Cowboy Hats”…glad that you like.

  2. Hey guys! Great post! Love trivia like this! It’s 6 degrees in NW Ohio today! Suck it up…and stay warm! At least it’s a dry cold! 🙂

  3. I wonder if my great grandfather Ferd wore a ten gallon hat when he worked on the Matador Ranch in Texas in the 1880s. He eventually settled in Winslow, Arizona and was one of the largest landowners in Northern Arizona in the early 1900s.

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