10 comments on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. You call them instant sunshine — I call them a big, fat morale boost. Same thing. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen them sold like this!

    • My local grocery store (an Albertson’s division) has them every year. I don’t think anyone ever looks twice at them. They aren’t very pretty in the store…..

  2. I have never seen Daffodils sold this way! I’m going on the hunt for them this weekend…Daffodils make me smile. You, sir, are a genius…. 🙂

  3. How pretty! I at first thought they were Tulips.

    Around here, the Daffodil parade takes place in Tacoma, about 45 or so to the south and the floats are all covered in them. Used to go every year as a kid, even was IN the parade as my High School participated in it, and they may still do so. Happens in the spring, March or April, and it can be cold and sometimes wet on the day of the parade.

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