12 comments on “Big Ol’ Soap Dish

    • Thanks Chris…we’re certainly taking our Sweet time with it…a professional is coming in next week to tackle an issue we’ve hit…..after that, we’re ready for tile.

  1. Awesome! she exclaims, as her bathrooms are sadly sans niches. I love the word “product”, but truthfully, we’re kind of lacking in that department, too. Interesting to follow your project!

  2. Ha, I cackled so hard at the opening of this post! But yes, what IS it with storage-less showers? It’s as if we’re supposed to just rinse with water. Where’s the fun in that?!

    • We were looking at a bathroom remodel on another site for inspiration, and it was totally lacking shower storage. WTH? We were originally going to make a ledge across the back wall, but it shrunk the already tight shower size…..so Big soap dish it is…..

  3. I love the updates on your shower. I cannot wait to see the finished product.

    A nice variety of products in the shower is mandatory.

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