7 comments on “The Hotel Del Coronado

  1. HA . . . I was about to de-friend YOU if you failed to mention Some Like It Hot! Great movie with so much quotable dialogue, including the very last line: “Nobody’s perfect!” Look at the lobby photo, with the ginormous floral arrangement. Now look even closer; there’s an adorable older couple who are obviously posing for a photo in front of said arrangement. Awwww! I plan to visit the hotel when I finally get to San Diego. My trip will coincide with the St. Louis Cardinals’ playing the Padres at PetCo Stadium, about which I’ve heard so many good things. I think it’s a hop, skip + a fly ball from the ocean!

    • Kay, I was prepared to be very disappointed in you if you’d never seen that movie. …..but I just knew you loved it too. I love the way the boys are walking at the train station in drag for the first time……and of course Jack Lemmon, “I’m Daphne!” And when he’s laying on the bed playing with the maracas. Brilliant movie,

  2. So lovely! Always assumed the hotel was in Florida ☺
    When I think of the movie it’s the image of the millionaires sitting in the hotel’s front porch that first comes to mind and of course that famous line. Love the pictures.

    • The hotel is supposed to be in Florida in the movie. In fact, Disney built a replica in Florida . Yeppp, love those millionaires lined up on the porch….wish the porch was still there. But they enclosed it.

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