16 comments on “Chasing Ghosts

  1. I have adored you 2 for years, now I love you even more! I love ghosts and going to places to have an experience. I love in a 130 yr old farm house and have had experiences here. Always nice to know others have had experiences also!

    • Awww Shelly, I adore you too. Life is about experiences! And just you wait till you hear where I am now…….it’s almost too spooky to be true….

  2. James, you have GOT to check out The Stanley Hotel in Estes, CO, opened in 1909. Very haunted, very beautiful old place. Stephen King was inspired by his stay there is write The Shining & the ABC mini-series by the same name was filmed there.
    Last month we enjoyed (?) a 2 day stay there, up on the haunted 3rd floor. I was awakened by noises the first night and husband the last night. Hotel employees maybe? Perhaps. Don’t know. But it was a fun and interesting experience. The ghost tour was fun too!

      • Oh good lord. Now that is a weird, no a SPOOKY coincidence!!! The bar is lovely but quite crowded in the evening (boo).
        So, are you staying?

      • Ohhh yeah! When Jamie told me he had a work conference here…I booked my ticket right away. He had never heard of the place. Silly boy. Usually I have to trick him into staying at haunted places.

  3. That is GREAT! Can not WAIT to hear if you experience any weirdness or ghostly encounters 🙂
    Say HI to Flora and F.O. for me!

    • I’ve been writing the post while I chat with you. What better place than the Stanley bar? Am I right? (I’ve been taking to the Stanleys the whole time I’ve been in their hotel)

  4. Another great story. Loved the pictures of hotels & resorts. When I was newly married in 1974, I got to live “rent free” in my late grandparents 1907 2 story Victorian home. My husband was a fireman & worked all night on his shift. I wouldn’t stay at the house on the nights he worked because we had varmints that would run up & down the inside walls & attic at night. No wonder the rent was free. I should have never went to see that movie. To this day, I am a scardy cat to stay by myself. But I love hearing the stories & watching scary movies with my girlfriends. As long as I have company.

  5. Wallace, Idaho- I was there a couple of times in the mid 2000’s, it felt like a very haunted town to me, it has a vibe unlike any other place I have been to. I was working alone in an office one evening, it felt like I was being watched. The Jameson Inn is for sure haunted. If you like ghosts, I do recommend Wallace. Plus, it is a beautiful town, Northern Idaho is stunning.

  6. I don’t know about all the ghosts (I do believe though and have seen a few on our farm) but I love, love, love the red rug showing in the Hotel Jerome!!!

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