4 comments on “Oh Yeah, We Went There…

  1. Great story! My best friend used to wake up to “Redrum” written on the white board on her dorm door freshman year in college – yes, she was in room 237 😉 That movie still terrifies me; I can’t read the book!

  2. I too recall the ads on TV for the film, I was about 9, scared the crap out of me too, Jack Nicholson limping through the snow at night with an axe, terrifying! Made an impression though – I confiscated my Uncle Bill’s copy of The Shining when I was 11 and read it in secret, it was the first adult book I ever read. The part in the book where Danny is being chased by the fire hose, just as I finished reading that (very scary) chapter, all the lights in the house went out and I SCREAMED. As it turns out, my Dad was doing some electrical work and didn’t bother to warn us…bizarre timing, lol.

    I watched the film on TV alone in our basement recroom when I was about 14 but I did not find it very scary since the book was so much more so…fast forward to when I was 25 and watched it Hallowe’en night at a local indie movie theatre – I was petrified! It dawned on me how much the music gave the film its edge.

  3. What a coincidence,first i read the story of your restoration of the Jayne Mansfield hotwater bottle and than about your trip to that famous hotel in Estes Park. Did you know that Jayne’s parents lived in Estes Park for many years?

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