37 comments on “Bathroom Color Inspiration

  1. Turquoise should be the color that replaces WHITE, GRAY & BLACK.
    Turquoise is the new BLACK. It’s an amazing color. Love it.

  2. Welcome to the world of remodeling!!
    And you are so right!!! Did the people you bought the house from care what you thought when they were decorating the house? No they did not! You decorate the way you want! Who in their right mind would want to change it?!?!y’all have excellent taste! It will stand for ever! And apparently will also look good in your 2nd bathroom since apparently you ordered more than enough! 😉

    • I promise you that the previous owner of the Cavender house had no care for us whatsoever……have I mentioned the 7 different kinds of flooring in our house?

  3. LOVE your color choice. I actually almost picked that color for my kitchen island. I’m so with you about making your home the way you want it to be. I’m having an island installed in my kitchen and my color for the cabinets is Cote D’ Azur (B.Moore). I’ve gotten the same response about resale. I love your design and color choices for your home. Inspirational! I can’t wait to see your bathroom. I want to redo mine in the near future!

    • Cote D’ Azur sounds heavenly……aren’t you just tired of white cabinets too???? That’s all any of the lady-bloggers have in their homes. Pretty safe/ boring. If us ask me……

  4. I love it, I love it, I love! I love that you follow your hearts desire. Who cares what anyone else thinks! Can’t wait to see the end results . Take care.

  5. Oh, my…I cannot wait to see how the bathroom progresses with this turquoise tile.

    Turquoise has always been a favorite of mine, in fact, it’s my birthstone. Technically, so it blue zircon…but it’s a washed out, dull blue…thankfully, we December babies have turquoise to fall back on. BRING ON THE TURQUOISE!

    PS For a 70% mark up, they could have at least delivered the tile to your house for you…geesh. Now, what are you going to make from the “free” pallet the tile came with. 😉

  6. um, holy crap! well…i trust ya’lls vision! thanks for documenting all your work. we appreciate it. learning a lot!

  7. It’s beautiful! So gorgeous, I had to reign myself in or I would have typed that in all caps. 🙂 Great choice of colour, I can’t wait to see how the tile looks installed!

  8. Love it! You both have such great taste in your decorating and DIY pieces. I just know it will look wonderful when your done.

  9. Yes, it’s a bold choice. But I bet it’s going to be killer! I hope you plan to whine about the 70% markup.

  10. Wow, nice choice! I love colors like this. If’n and when I ever find the right house IN my budget, I will do accent walls, and may WELL do a bright red with bright white, similar to what you ended up going with in your master bath. Where I work, a similar type of white is used there with accent walls of gray and it looks fantastic, so red with the right white will work great and let the red wall reflect off the white…

    Anyway, can’t wait to see this up on the wall(s) and the whole room painted etc. Should look very nice indeed!

  11. Love this! Turquoise is one of the colors I like and other similar type colors too for that matter.

    I can’t wait to see this all installed with the white you chose, which, BTW, I thought when I saw the post that the lower right white sample would be your choice, reading down, I was right!

    I intend to use a similar white myself, but use it with accent walls so the color of the wall will reflect off the white for a mod look if I find the right house to so this in.

  12. Can’t wait to see it! I love turquoise and sea colors, have it in my home too. Your house should reflect you and all that you love. So far, I would say it does exactly that and look at all of us out here just loving it! By the way, I had a Daltile nightmare some twenty years ago; I see not much has changed.

  13. I am out of my mind excited to see the finished bathroom! Turquoise/aqua are my favorite colors. How do these people/manufacturers stay in business when their customer services sucks?

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