18 comments on “Playa del Carmen 2015

  1. Oh, my gawd…I absolutely love hearing about your travels. 😀

    While the best planned vacations never come off without a hitch…you guys make the most of every twist and turn. I wanna vacay with you next time.

  2. Thanks for a fabulous review of your trip! I love the adventure you had Tulum…I’m envious! Terrific pictures….So happy you both made it home safe! Yea!

    • Awww thanks Jana, our vacations are always janky. Once, because our tickets were so cheap, we went to Hawaii on 2 separate planes….guess who’s flight was canceled? That’s right, mine. Jamie had a day there too himself……..good times,

    • I was pretty hesitant too…….so they made me go backwards on the first line. The second one, the guide spun me around….by the third zip-line, I was ready to land in water.

  3. I visited Tulum, back in the 90’s – so interesting and beautiful! Actually wish I hadn’t gone with my girl friend – she couldn’t take the heat and totally was a drag! You looked like you had a lot of fun, and maybe I’ll go back another day with someone who can visit the sights with some energy! A zip line just might be the ticket! Thanks for the review!

    • Yeah, the heat was killer. We were surprised that people in our group didn’t bring sunscreen……The zip-line, repelling, snorkel in the caves part was an absolute blast….do it if you get the chance!

  4. Love all the pictures, love your comment, so happy that you guys finally have fun in Mexico. And did I mention that we are planning to go to the same place?

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