23 comments on “Automatonophobia…….

  1. Yikes! Scarecrows are a lot less scary! Glad I didn’t see this post until morning. I never realized how creepy they look .

  2. The Ventriloquist Museum is in my hometown of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky and they used to have a yearly convention, talk about scary….a whole convention center of “dummies”! But, sorry, clowns are higher on the scale for me.

  3. That moving head creeped me out. Shame on you…..what if I had a heart condition? I prefer Big Tex and Little Tex.:-)

  4. OMG! How totally freaky. These are way scarier than the haunted houses I’ve been to. Maybe someone should have an entire house with one of these in each room. Nightmare City…

  5. Hi James and Jamie! I somehow “re-found” your COTM feature and have been amusing myself on your blog this rainy weekend (instead of finishing my own projects lol). So much goodness here, and I love finding another Dallas area blogger. We are in the MStreets so there’s lots of DIY here too, always some project/damage control/fun with plumbing type of action 😉 Loving the inspiration I’m getting from your site!

    • Hi Andrea. I, also, am sitting in front of my PC (although, I should be tiling that bathroom) on this rainy afternoon. Now that I’ve found your blog, I may be sitting here a bit longer. How much do I love your red cabinets? Of course, your shell pot is much prettier than my version. AND I love that you have recipes…….I just may have to make that Oreo bark tonight. SOOOOOOOO glad that you said “Hi”, I have been on the hunt for other Dallas bloggers. Good to know there are 2 of us out there. (BTW, Love the M-streets. That’s where I was before the Cavender House in Oak Cliff stole my heart) Don’t be a stranger!!!

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