9 comments on “Still Riding the Crazy Mouse

  1. Looks like fun. You both look great. I hate battling the bulge, but I keep trying. What are you doing that is making the scale go down?

    • Hi Carole, honestly, we’ve been eating healthier. No more carbs, sugar and salt. It boils down to Cokes, beer, icecream, sausage breakfast sandwiches, and flavored coffee creamer………..it’s been a really hard summer. Especially on vacation……..but it’s nice to actually see the results in pictures.

  2. Those are great pictures! We thought that ride looked like only astronauts would like it. So we carefully stepped away before the grandkids started clamoring for it. Y’all look svelte.

    • Thanks Leslie. It was easy. Just stop eating carbs, sugar, salt, Cokes, beer, coffee creamer , sausage breakfast sandwiches, and ice cream. The pounds just melt off…😩

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