10 comments on “Buy the Ticket. Take the Ride.

  1. Wish we had bought the picture more often! Yours are too cute and you made sweet memories. We saw you last Saturday at the Fair, but y’all were busy taking pictures. 🙂 And finally, you couldn’t pay me enough to ride that ride, or some of the others that are there.

    • The older I get……the scarier those rides get. I was in high school when one of them lost a car and it flew into the parking lot and killed a couple. (Hopefully they are safety regulated now) AND I wish you would have said “Hi” ….. that would have made my day!

    • Holy Crap! Thanks for reminding me Cathy…….Always buy the book too. Especially if you’re trying to support a witty blogger turned writer. (Wink)

  2. You guys bring many a smile on my face watching you both enjoy life!! Always so thrilled to see your blog emails notifying me of another rich story. Hopefully, one day we can visit our Lakehouse. My husband & I have mementos & photos everywhere to remind us of how much we have enjoyed life. Thanks for sharing another wonderful story of your life.

    Jacqueline & Larry

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