12 comments on “The State Fair of Texas 2016

  1. You should go back for dinner (and beer). This reader in Ohio looks forward to your state fair posts. I really like your t-shirt and could you send me one of those awesome cups with the sippy straw?

    • Where did you get that great Bronco T Shirt? My son would love it. I love the Texas State Fair poster. It looks a whole lot more fun than the VA State Fair which is going on right now. We avoid it.

  2. I’d drink that beer, and I don’t drink beer. That cup with the cowboy head is the cutest thing ever! You should buy extras and sell them on ebay! I enjoy reading about the fried stuff, even though I couldn’t eat it. Ever finish your bathroom?

    • Hi Ann, The Big Tex cup is refillable (Jamie drinks only Iced Tea….someone needs to drive home) We are both pretty strict eaters these days…so Fair Day is a cheat day…and we don’t pig out on the fried crap nearly as much as we used too. (Still working on the bathroom…I need to seal the wall tile and Jamie is going to tile the shower floor soon)

  3. Ok I need to know where to get a vintage bronco t shirt! My father in law has a ’77 and would love that shirt. Also the pumpkin lager sounds good. Is it Shiner?
    LOVE your house!
    Thanks, Karen

    • Hi Karen. With my hat…I should ONLY be drinking Shiner….but sadly, no, it wasn’t Shiner….but still delish. Isn’t that just the coolest T-shirt? Got it from a graphic designer...L-Dopa Tell Nik that I sent you. I told him that people are trying to take it off of my body every time I wear one.

    • You know we did, Cynthia. We ALWAYS do. I bought a cuff from them about 7 years ago that I just adore. Jamie bought a cuff this year…and I saw quite a few pieces that were slightly out of my comfort spending zone…..We’ll go back. They get a little more “generous” with the discounts closer to the end of the fair.

  4. Loving you tshirt! Please, I have to have one! Lol. Can you tell me where you acquired it?

    I’d really appreciate it❤️

    • Hi Nicki…I love that shirt too. I bought it from L-Dopa Tell him (Nik) that I sent you to him. I told him that everyone would want one if they saw me in it….hehehe

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