15 comments on “Well That Took Long Enough…

  1. I was getting worried! But only that you were doing fabulous things and not blogging about them…I knew you would never leave a project unfinished!!
    And DAMN does that tile look good!!!
    Ps did I read right?!?! A book?! Shut the front door! Where do I pre-buy?!??

    • I have been doing fabulous things……just in the garage. ….and with plumbing pipe. The past year I’ve been completely focused on “The Book”…and the blog has slid a little, Sorry about that. But I’m back on track now…and November 15, I’ll be a published writer. For Realz. More to come, soon, I promise….(Ohhh, you can already pre-buy on Barnes & Noble.com )

  2. Well, I completely understand! Life does happen. BUT A BOOK DEAL?! Did I miss something here? Have you mentioned this before? I am waiting to hear more.😄
    Those tiles are amazing! Can’t wait for the final reveal!

    • I’ve hinted a few times on social medias….But didn’t want to jinx anything ’till it was done. That’s where I’ve been for about the past year, (Obviously not blogging or working on the bathroom) It hits the shelves November 15….more to come soon, I promise.

    • It’s all so pretty in person too. I’m glad we choose a color……too bad we won’t have much time to work on the floor for the next month…(I’m only home for 4 days in the next 4 weeks)

  3. Wow! On both the book deal, and the bathroom. So excited, and happy for you. I can’t wait until you finish your bathroom, and then you can come help do mine!(ha ha) . Looking forward to hearing more about your book! Take care! 😊

  4. Book deal!? How is this the first time I’m catching on to this? I’m so excited! What’s the title, how can I preorder?

    • Hi Courtney, yupp, book. I know, I’m shocked too. I haven’t mentioned it much because at times I wasn’t sure it would happen. But it did. “DIY Industrial Pipe Firniture and Decor” you can preorder on Amazon.

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