8 comments on “Blue Apron Meals

  1. i’ve tried blue apron in the past & had a similar conclusion. it was nice, the food was okay & it was way more prep than they make it seem like in their ads. six months ago my husband & I decided to stop eating meat for a little while & wanted to try one of these again. blue apron’s vegetarian options didn’t have great reviews so we tried green chef instead. OMG it’s so much better! i hope that it’s not just the veg options. i’m anxious to try their regular carnivore menus. the prep time was better than blue apron & the food has all been so flavorful. we’ve had about a dozen or so meals and have loved them all.

  2. Been doing two Plated meals a week for over a year, and really like it. I do get bad herbs and produce on occasion. Had a wonderful meal tonight as a matter of fact 🙂

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