15 comments on “Best Ice Cream in the Country…

  1. James – Hopefully they will be going full throttle soon and able to produce their “Christmas Cookies” flavor. OMG!!! OMG!!! YOU MUST TRY IF YOU HAVEN’T IN THE PAST!!!

  2. It has been a long dry spell! I am so ready to have my Blue Bell back! But I must tell you, if you ever get to Ohio in the Columbus area you must seek out Graeter’s. I would be very hard pressed to pick one over the other. But in Texas, I am a Blue Bell Girl all the way!

  3. For many years when we lived in El Paso, we did not have access to Blue Bell. It was sad times for us. Eventually BB made its way out west, thank goodness. And then we moved to Ft. Worth, so, yeah, no shortage there. Until last summer. Oh the despondence. Then Tuesday the spouse went to the store specifically for Blue Bell. Good times were had by all.

    • Jamie sent me the caseline pics this past week while I was working out of town…..so nice to come home to Blue Bell…and remember that taste…..and where it takes my memory. (Sitting on a picnic table in a small town)

  4. Love me some Blue Bell! So glad it’s carried all over now, since I moved from Texas to SC. Also, I actually squealed and did a happy dance in Publix the other day when I spotted Promised Land Dairy milk from Floresville, TX (the Peach was my favorite, but I think they discontinued it 😦 )

  5. I’m from WI here visiting TX and had to try out Blue Bell, Pistachio Almond in fact and I have a new favorite ice cream…hope you are getting kickbacks;)

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