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  1. i find your childhood an awesome one… lots of space, brothers, and stray dogs… How they can win a kid’s heart, right? I myself recall of a short-haired female gray fatty. 5-year-old me and my friends, we found her on a small train station. Of course, we named her “Princess”. Hail to you, Princesses and Dukes!

    • I’ve been working on this story while I’ve been sitting on airplanes over the past year….thought it was about time I shared it….Glad you liked it.

    • Yes, but telling people that she hit US with a rolling pin doesn’t have quite the same “feeling”. No one wants to read that on a Sunday.

  2. Wonderful story…..particularly for an old dog lover like myself! Sweet old Duke! Bless his heart!

  3. We had German shepherds when my kids were young. They too were yard dogs. They barked at anyone driving in the yard and never were chained. Never, ever had a problem with thieves. They ate all my son’s veggies for years and dog food if they had to. I waited until the,last old fella died until I moved to town. Now I have a Doxie, whom I love, but every time I see a shepherd I remember my farm dogs.

    • Glad that you get it Ann. They were just that, yard dogs. Most of them came and went……but Duke will always have a special place in my/our hearts.

  4. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and beautiful story. Our pup who passed on six months ago was very special member of our family. We adopted her from the shelter at 12 weeks and had her for nearly 16 years. Like you, we will long remember her and share loving memories of our shared lives together.

    • Loosing a dog a few years ago was, without a doubt, the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I’d never miss that opportunity to share my life with a dog again…….always will.

  5. My sunday morning started as most do…sitting down with a large cup of coffee in my paper reading chair to read the sunday paper. After reading about the violence in the world and the political circus here at home it was so wonderful to read about Duke. The timing was perfect and I thank you! You made my day!

    • Awww thanks Debra, I think we’re cut from the same cloth. I’m always so excited to read something positive that a friend has facebooked. So glad that you liked my little memory….

  6. Next to “Where the Red Fern Grows”‘ that is the sweetest dog story I’ve ever read. It made me cry and I don’t even like dogs. Duke was a lucky boy to have two families.

    • Candice, if “where the red fern grows” makes you cry…….don’t ever read “Old Yeller”. (One if my favorite book as a kid) Sometimes I’ll cry just thinking about it….

  7. What a wonderful essay! Loved every bit of it, and the photo makes it obvious why Duke was so beloved! Who’s a good boy!! It’s also interesting to read about ‘yard dogs.” I remember that in my town, people in the 70’s let their dogs roam around the neighborhoods at will. Probably a more ‘natural’ life for a dog – my late dogs used to love to break out of our yard and run around until we could catch them. Our current dog doesn’t do that, and I joke that she has Stockholm Syndrome! Thanks for sharing this truly sweet, uplifting story. This is why your blog is my absolute favorite!!

    • Elise, you are too sweet. I’m never sure if anyone even cares to read my “stories”, (my friends have heard them all dozens of times.) and I’m really just writing them down so I won’t forget them. Glad that I could brighten your day . 😀

  8. I LOVE your blog; your stories, your sidewalk, your style. I lived on a farm until I was 18 and our dogs roamed everywhere. Chased deer, skunks, rabbits, coyotes, porcupines and one unfortunate incident with the neighbour’s cows (no harm done, but boy was my dad mad). The mini home makeover part of your story was very funny! Don’t stop blogging!

    • Awwww, Thanks Pat. So glad that you could relate to that story. It was a different world back then with all the loose dogs. Am I right? No plans to stop blogging just yet…..but I have been slowing down lately. I’m writing a book, and it’s taken all my energy to meet this deadline. As soon as that’s out of the way……my heart will be back into the blog. Unless they ask me to write a second one…..(fingers crossed)

      • A book! Very exciting. And you teased us with a peek of your deck in the sidewalk post. Any chance you’ll slip in a post about that stylin’ deck?

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