24 comments on “One Step Beyond

  1. I LOVE this walkway! It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting, but didn’t know it. What is the “metal flashing” though. I’m not familiar with it. I’ve got to have this look next to my carport. Love all your projects and all your collections and decorating. What excellent taste you guys have. Wish you were my neighbors. Faithful follower. Metal flashing.

    • Hi Patricia, SO glad that you’ve been following us. “Flashing” is what I call the metal edging that holds the pea gravel in. It’s hard to tell, but the pavers are slightly taller than the grass, and without the metal edges…….the pea pebbles would wash away every time it rains.

      • Just Home Depot…..they usually just have green….I have to search (Read that: make Jamie search) for the brown…Love you more, Jeannie

  2. I love how that looks! I’m so glad to have seen this because we are thinking about adding pavers in our backyard. I’ll be showing this to the mr. and getting his worthy (because he’ll be doing all the work) opinion. Great job, y’all!

    • Isn’t “The Cliff” just the coolest area to live? We’ve been here just over 6 years and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in Dallas. I’ve wanted to write a little more about the neighborhood…Like Jackson Vaughn, and the new Lula B’s (Yeah)..or the Oswald apartment. So glad that you found us!

      • Someone could make writing about Oak Cliff a full time job. I’ve been in Lake Cliff for 13 years and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it. It’s a main character in the story of my life.

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