29 comments on “Matt’s Apartment

  1. Yes, yes, separate from the herd! Personal style, imagination, whimsy, wit, and on and on.
    And the herd marches on to catalogue “chic”. At least the “Keep Calm and Carry On” signs have finally disappeared.

    • LOL! Jean. “Keep Calm and Cary On”…..forgot that dreadful trend. Usually every house tour on AT has that framed poster.

  2. I love it! I am trying to do my own thing also, with things I’ve collected and furniture from another decade or even century. It takes time. Most of the “decorators” don’t want to wait. Another fad that needs to disappear is the All White EVERYTHING! Yuck, I can’t imagine living in a boring all white atmosphere.

  3. There is a lot going on but its very artfully arranged and super neat, a personality trait I sorely lack. But I absolutely love it. The man has style, taste and, this may sound a bit sexist, but very easy on the eyes himself! Ha! I know you’ll forgive me for it! Best to you guys! Hope all is well and good in Texas.

    • Nope, he’s not a bad looking man at all. And he collects vintage clothes too. We were trying to figure out what his “flavor” is…….hard to tell, but he does have a Tom Ford book and lots of throw pillows……just sayin’….

  4. Love that he has surrounded himself with things that have meaning to him. Too many things for me but it’s not my house. The only time we should care about what others think of our house is when we go to sell the darn thing! Bring back comfort and individuality!

    • Ann, we joke that if we ever decided to sell (and we won’t) we’d have to take out about 3/4 of the stuff in here….and the place would look HUGE.

  5. Love his place….his pieces are awesome. Only thing, I would hate to dust his apt!!!! I want his sailboat….

    • That sailboat is pretty want-able. Did you read the article? He used it as a Christmas tree once. Just wrapped lights around it.

      • I did read the article. Love that it was decorated for Christmas. Needless to say, I would enjoy many of his pieces. So glad you shared the article.

  6. Love having things that have a special meaning to me out in my house. This apartment is cozy! That’s the way I want my home to be. Come in sit down and be comfortable. Don’t worry about messing anything up because you can’t. Not a fan of all white sterile minimalist. Not my style!

  7. Awesome! !well done.. real men have fancy gold mirrors ….you have more stuff than me!!!

  8. Very chic…dark for me , but you could spend hours just looking at all the cool stuff. I have way too much stuff too, and dusting is a chore I don’t stay on top of, but luckily my eyes aren’t what they used to be.

  9. Love it! Every once and awhile I think I might want a calmer whiter space, this made me appreciate the quirky and well treasured/arranged style that I love! ( It even made me want to curate out anything too “white” on my pinterest boards 😉 I had a little chuckle at your mention of the Tom Ford book, I found myself thinking the same thing! All the best to you both, can’t wait to see the bathroom…

    • Regina, I’ve seen a few new pictures of this place since I wrote this post….and it is even cooler than it looks here. He is such a style setter.

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