30 comments on “(Insert Horse Trough Pun Here)

  1. Just love this idea. Horse troughs really do make awesome garden containers. I am thinking of using one for a veggie/herb garden. One of my neighbors planted tall bamboo in one for an instant privacy fence. Endless ways to use these! Yours looks great. And the sage looks lovely.

    • I’ve been planning to use some for a veggie garden, along the driveway, since we moved in. They landed here…….and we couldn’t be happier. (Well, we’d be slightly happier with tomatoes and basil)

    • Actually, just last week, Jamie has added sweet potato vine to trail down the sides. Photos of the whole deck coming soon……..it looks soooooooooo great.

  2. Nicely done! I have been planning on two in my herb garden, and noticed on my last trip to Tractor Supply a rather hefty price increase. Of course…..
    Love your plant choice too!

    • Chris, they weren’t quite as pricy as I was expecting. I started to just order them from Amazon. Glad that I didn’t………because they probably would have been different “6 foot” sizes.

  3. I am in love!! What a fantastic idea! You guys rock!! Now you’ve got me thinking of where I might use horse troughs on my property!!

    • Most people seem to use them as planters on top of concrete. Unless they’re elevated, I don’t see how they drain. I’m sure you’ll find a great use for one…..or a couple.

  4. Totally gorge! I love the sage plants, but they will get pretty big if not kept clipped. The good news is that you can whack them down to almost nothing and they grow back just as beautiful! (We let one get over 6 feet in diameter, yikes!) I have some salvaged corrugated tin roofing that I have been wanting to make into planters … you have inspired me to put that project on the top of the list!

  5. Love it. I have the same one with Alocasia Odera in it by the hot tub for privacy here in Miami; I know–a hot tub in Miami! I also did the weed thing with paver base, looks very beachy. I found a helpful hint online to fill the bottom with empty water bottles so you don’t need so much of the heavy materials in your trough. This OCD woman totally understands your issues, lol!

  6. Wonderful, Gorgeous. Who would think something so work-a-day functional would look so good. But I think you may be stalling with the master bath Hee Hee.

  7. I’m always amazed how something that works in Texas would be equally suitable here in Alberta. The state and this province are so much alike. Great idea.

  8. I love what y’all have done. I would love to use troughs in our backyard. Your pretty sage bushes are great predictors of rain. When they bloom, rain is coming, caused by the change in the barometric pressure. Of course, that could be an old wives’ tale, but in El Paso, they were pretty accurate.

  9. What a creative solution that fits perfectly with your new outdoor living space. Enjoy your new deck….

  10. I am so doing this by our pool deck where water runoff from the barn up the hill keeps killing my plants and,…. since we live on a farm they will fit in even better. Thanks for being so clever!!! Hugs from Kentucky!!

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  12. I used one next to a hot tub with plants for privacy. Who would buy different sizes, lol! I also saved on dirt by adding plastic bottles to the bottom third instead of recycling them. Things that look great like that require a lot a work. It’s how I get my exercise! Looks great, like always.

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