38 comments on “Still Can’t Think Up A Good Deck Pun….

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! When can I stop by for one of those vodka basil grapefruit sanpellegrino cocktails? Also just open the gate and let a deer in the yard…..potato vine GONE! How do it know that?
    Great job guys! I hope you can enjoy it, it’s in triple digits here…not much fun outside. Really the deck looks great!

    • Thanks Christine, wish there were more deer in our ‘hood…but sadly just coyotes, possum, and ‘coons. None of which eat sweet potato vine. We do need to start drinking that grapefruit cocktail again…..haven’t had one in a while….(Too much sugar for these boys lately)….but tonight may be the night for one…..or two….OK, three tops.

      • Always drink in threes….it is just a good number! Can’t believe you haven’t had those this year. It’s the best reason to grow basil!! Forgot to mention the succulent…..love those!😃

    • That Locker Basket “Dresser” was one of the projects I made for my upcoming book. I was inspired by the wall of locker baskets at the community pool when I was a kid. They are full of pots, bug spray, dog toys…and all the other things we need, but I don’t want to see. (The locks are just for fun)

  2. It’s spot on!!! It’s too bad you didn’t save the orange front door. It would look great with the orange chairs and toss pillows on the deck. I’ll take a couple of those Corona’s!!

    • The orange just sort of happened. The red chairs faded drastically in the sun….and I had 3 cans of “crayon orange” spray paint. So there they are……..Sorry, already drank the Coronas. 😦 Come over for a Shiner or 2…..

  3. OMG….it looks fabulous!!!! Can you come to FL and do my backyard? The metal basket shelves are terrific…love them. Really love your completed backyard!!!! Now enjoy!!!

    • Not to give away any surprises, but the “Locker Basket Dresser” is a project from the upcoming book….So exciting. I’ve been hoarding those baskets for years…and finally got an even dozen.

    • Kay, they’e good most of the year. But the few times it freezes….we stash them in the garage on the top shelf…..I don’t even remembering it snowing last year at all.

  4. I love it, I love, I love it! You guys have done a fantastic job! I only wish I lived closer. Would love to come for a drink, and see it in real life! Take care and enjoy yourselves! 😊🔆

    • Tanya, the twinkle lights run from each corner of the deck to the only tree in the yard. You can kind of see them in the sunset picture.

  5. Your patio and yard are gorgeous! If you don’t particularly like the sweet potato vine over-growing everything, take some scissors out there and whack off what you don’t like. Mine always goes crazy and grows all over the place too. I trim it back, use the cuttings to start new plants and give to people who didn’t get any at planting time. Cutting back doesn’t hurt a thing and can make it just what you wanted it for again. Remember to share the cuttings.

    Great job!

  6. TOOOOO SWEET!!!!! Love every last inch of it! Spectacular job!!! So wonderful! & your pencil plant is to die for!!! You guys deserve this wonderful outdoor space!

  7. I just love what you’ve done with your deck!! Gorgeous – and I am thinking of using horse trough planters in my veggie garden to replace some of the rotting raised wood beds…..I’m still tossing it around – do you find they dry out more because the metal holds the heat? I’m curious….

    • I don’t think they hold heat as much as you might expect……we are thinking of using them for tomatoes by the driveway. I just love the look of them.

  8. Very inviting. The sweet potato vine looks full and lush, but I understand if you give it a trim. I have two brilliantly coloured blankets we bought in Mexico several years ago. Why I haven’t thought of making them into pillows is beyond me. This is what is great about the internet; ideas from creative folks like you.

    • I was going to post a tutorial on the pillows…they are so easy. (We got the blankets in Mexico last summer.) Probably will now. I fold one long piece, and not 2 separate pieces, so there isn’t as much sewing.

  9. What a beautiful, comfortable, Fun space! Bravo for the great job once again! Bet you 3 love your time together out there! –Erik

  10. What/where is/did that wonderful metal locker-like sideboard?? That is so cool.
    Love the serape pillows. And all the cactus. Even the potato vine, but especially the galvanized troughs.

    You have a pony?

    • LOL, My pony is a Doberman…..and that “Locker Basket Dresser” is one of the projects I made for my upcoming plumbing pipe book. Pretty cool, Right?

  11. Still so fond of your deck… can you please tell me approx demensions of it? I have a similar space and I’m planning my deck. Thank you!

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