19 comments on “A Week in the D.R.

  1. Looks Heavenly James! I’m quickly looking at your pics & post, but I at lesser wanted to get off a quick comment. I will go back in the next day or so to look more closely. My granddaughter is graduating next spring from high school & I would love to take her & my daughter (her mom) on a beach vacation next summer. So glad you both got off to a beautiful spot!

  2. So glad you had a great time! Everything looks lovely (or tasty, as the case may be). Enjoyed our lunch in the Big D a few weeks ago.


  3. oh my god. moving the DR up on my list of places i need to beg my husband to go to with me! 😉 (beach vacations are harder to get him to!) i love your vacations – they always look so lovely!

  4. Jeff and I are envious! How beautiful! I just got back from a business trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti….not quite the same style! You guys deserve to do it right like this! And so well deserved! 🙂 –Erik

  5. That flamingo looks photoshopped! What fantastic photos; thanks for sharing. I will put the DR on my list!

    • Candice, I hold my pen like a monkey. I taught myself to write….and that’s a holdover. I have to remind myself to switch. Btw, my drafting/art teachers were not fans of it……

  6. Great photos and have just mentally added the DR to my bucket list. How was the weather? Too hot to sleep? Comfortable?

    I am a big fan of your blog and read each and EVERY one carefully, study the photos, enjoy your humor. Thanks for sharing.

    • A friend asked if it rained every day. I think she was there during rainy season. It rain a little every night, but we slept through it. If you’ve ever been to any island, you’ll know that it rains almost every day. The heat was bearable…..we’re from Texas where it’s 100+ about two months straight. Air conditioning isn’t the norm there, but we had it……only the hotel controlled the temp it was set at. Weird, right? We just asked them to set it as low as possible. (I’m so thrilled that you enjoy our adventures/my writing. It’s great to know that someone reads this stuff.)

      • I LOVE reading them. Enjoy all the home improvements & really like how you both have decorated. I even bought one of those wooden boxes from Target that you wrote about, to put your various vintage treasures and kchotskys (sp?) in. But … alas it’s still sitting in the shipping box. on my to-do list …
        And I know heat!! as we live in the central San Joaquin valley of CA where it’s usually at or way over 100 from June thru August. UGH. That’s why I asked about it … and I LOVE AIR CONDITIONING.
        We moved here in 1980 from San Diego. Every year I remind my husband of this and ask WHY!?

      • I love that Target box. Although I have so much “Inspiration”….mostly toys… on my desk, that I can only see the top 2/3. Same with decoration, just surround yourself with the things that you love and give you daily inspiration.

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