39 comments on “I Wrote A Book

  1. “I want to…and I did!” Now……how do I get it signed by the author?❤️
    I just bought my first Christmas present. Next month it will be winging it’s way to Ohio for my son!
    If you have a signing in Dallas, I am sure you will let us know! I will be there!

  2. Wow!! Might be the first DIY book about pipes I willingly read! ;-D Congratulations on this great achievement. When and where’s the signing?

  3. I’m so glad. I guess I’ll buy it for myself for Christmas. I can’t seem to visit a Pinterest page that doesn’t feature something from your house. ‘Bout time you got some recompense for your talent.

    • Awwwww, a friend called me once at 2 am because she found a picture of my bedroom on Instagram! Enjoy the book, it was a labor of love.

  4. Yes, yes, YES I DO want to!
    And I just did. Your book will arrive on Saturday. Yay!
    Congratulations, I’m thrilled for you. I think we’re gonna love it!

    Oh … and I made the cinnamon sugar mini-bats last Monday with my two youngest grandkids. Had a ball making them and they turned out great.

    • Ohhh I’m so glad y’all made them. I usually make small ones….but occasionally….I make great big ones and eat them like cookies. Sooooo good!

  5. James! This is so exciting! Good for you! As soon as i get home I will get a copy! You are fantastic! (BOTH of you!) No really! Fantastic! And you are aol generous sharing so much with all of us! You rock!

    • Well thanks Erik. Glad that we rock! I never imagined that this blog would bring me a book deal……I just wanted to share our home improvements with family and friends.

  6. So glad you are sharing your talents with the rest of us. I want a signed copy and I live in South Carolina. Let me know if I am able to order this from you, I would not be able to make a signing in Dallas unfortunately. 😩 Next we need a style book… how to achieve your wonderful style in home and fashion!!! 👍🏻

  7. Oh so happy for you! What a great accomplishment. This is right in my son’s wheelhouse and I am going to march right over to Amazon and buy this for him for Christmas. Enjoy the glow of being a published author! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Fantastic! However – I think you should also make and market some of your items for those of us who don’t want to make our own! I LOVE the candleholder! I def think you could sell those…

  9. I think it’s so inspirational that people can take something their passionate about and share it with others. I don’t write about pipes, but I do write novels/chapter books and I love to share my talent with others. I even started a blog about it!
    Some of your creations are quite impressive 🙂 Keep it up!

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