14 comments on “Thank You, Everyone

  1. James your book is great. It arrived last weekend and I found my husband pouring through it. So, of course, I showed him my favorite projects from it. Hint, hint.
    I wish you continued success!!! (And I envy you as I’ve secretly longed to write my own book for about12 yrs.)

    Other than the Cavender Diary how DO I follow you on social media? Which form?

    • So glad that I could inspire him a little. You can find me on Pinterest under James Angus….and Instagram under CavenderDiaryJames. Course, there’s a Cavender Diary Facebook page too.

      (Go write your book!!!! I’ve already got a few more in the works…)

  2. OMG! So late to THIS party….BUT: I just now bought the book on Amazon….be here Tuesday…can’t WAIT!. Thrilled for you! Truly! But then you have been a rock star to me since the day I started following your blog! This couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more talented guy! I hope you both reap the benefits of this for many years to come. And if you have a book signing, I am bringing MY copy for a real autograph!!!

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