10 comments on “Dumpster Diving Again?

  1. Very nice there James! Like that look.

    I’d love to redo my bathroom, but it was redone with new fixtures in 2009, but they could have been more stylish about it, oh well. Eventually!

  2. I love that. All of it. The dumpster diving. The color. And especially your vintage jars full of memories. I wish we had done something similar when we started traveling. Well done, y’all.

  3. Love dumpster diving…you always find treasure! Love the wood and your memory jars. Can’t wait for the big reveal.

  4. Brave man. No way would I dig in something that might have rats. I live in the only rat free place n the world other than Antarctica. The land locked province of Alberta, in Canada, even has rat patrols that one can phone if one thinks they saw a rat. Great shelves but coward that I am, I would have bought the target ones.

  5. Your new friend from Montana suggests a mountain vacation for one of your jars! …. pinecones, rocks, leaves, sticks, feathers and yes, sometimes, there are snail shells in the woods, so that would work, too. (By the way, don’t let too many people know about the value dumpster diving. They might start getting all the good stuff!)

    • I LOVE that idea. Coming back from Aspen last month the TSA agent (they ALWAYS search my bags) asked me if they don’t have pinecones in Texas. I had a Ziplock full of little pinecones. “Not like those” was my response. AND I used to work next to the William Sanoma ……scored nice things every week from their dumpster

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