16 comments on “and to all a goodnight,

  1. How many strands of bubble lights did you put on that beautiful tree? Don’t be surprised if 90% of your blog followers have bubble lights on their trees next Christmas! That’s a new rug, isn’t it?

  2. Yes, I’m just now getting around to catching up with your blog. sorry, wow the holidays are a busy time of year. I absolutely loved your xmas cards and Christmas TREE. The Radko ornaments are fabulous and tinsel, TINSEL !!! Nearly lost my mind. Havent seen tinsels in ages and ages (and ages…. yes I’m old) Wondered, are any ornaments duplicated or is every one individual? I collected Radko for a few years, and then when grandkids started coming along I boxed them all up for storage. No one likes a crabby grandmother yelling to stay away from the Christmas tree…

    • So glad you like the tinsel! I think it’s fun….and that’s what Christmas is all about. Recalling the Christmases of our childhood. (Of course, in the 1970s my Mom used tinsel garland. TONS of it!) I like the way the tinsel shimmers in the slight breeze, with the bubblers bubbling, and spinners twirling. (the spinners did not move this year, not enough heat) I have to be honest, I have duplicates of several of my favorite Radkos. Good thing too….I think there were 10 broken ornaments this year. OUCH. That’s life with a big dog. They are just “things” after all….my faves are safe at the top anyhoo. I spend a lot of time on Ebay in January replacing any broken ones….usually by 2. HA!!!! Happy New Year!!!

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