20 comments on “Christmas Cards 2017

  1. You always hit the nail on the head for exactly what I like ! And yes, i started folliwing Jesse. I collect that mint green glassware when i can find it. Now I’m on the lookout for crates and old Christmas ornaments and maybe will create my next years Christmas cards. Merry Christmas to you and Jamie!

    • I’m so glad that I was able to pass his inspiration on to you!!!! I could spend all day looking at his curated collections…..and yes, crates are on my shopping list. And aqua McCoy pottery, and Yellow-ware bowls, and war-time Shiny Brites ……Sheesh
      Merry Christmas back at ya, Jacqueline!!!!

  2. Ha ha ha! @ “I’d like to say we make our own Christmas cards every year. I’d like to say that … but who are we kidding?” BTW, your cards are exquisite! This is as good a time as ever to trot out this sentiment: who sez less is more? Did I say I was glad you’re blogging a bit more lately?

  3. LOVED the Christmas card – I knew those were some of your ornaments! Hope you and Jamie have a great holiday this year!

  4. The card is lovely!! But I would also love to see your smiling faces on it too, with Harley. Just a thought.
    And a question…..were those the ornaments for the wreath, or are they surplus? So many beauties!! And a comment…..thanks to you and your wonderful wreath I have not started collecting Fantasia ornaments. In pink. And other lovely colors. Doesn’t go with my intended home decor color palette, but no matter, they are so cheerful and happy. I don’t have anywhere near enough for a wreath but maybe next year…..
    Thank you!!! ❤

    • We plan to do a re-shot of our “family” Christmas picture on the front patio every year…but loose track of time. Maybe next year….AND, it took me 25 years to gather together all my ornaments. Collections don’t happen overnight, ya know. “Keep on hoarding.”

  5. I remember all these Xmas bulbs from my childhood.The ornaments were given away after a family passing.So since then I have managed to collect various old bulbs and water lights. I take mini colored twinkle lights and place them in the center of the tree and use a special light switch that has different settings. And I place the old bulbs around the tree with the water lights.Everybody that see it they fall in love all over again especially the kids.Im glad I could bring a little of the past to the future.

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