26 comments on “Life’s a Banquet….

  1. This is one of my all time favorite movies and I’ve made sure to introduce my kids to it. When I found out I was having a boy (my 2nd child), I wanted to name him Patrick so I could say “Patrick, my little love” to him. My oldest child and husband vetoed that and we named him Brandon. Thanks for writing this excellent review and interesting facts about this amazing movie and the author of this book. Merry Christmas James!

    • OH My God Stacey! That is so awesome!!! Patrick would have been a great name. How many kids do you have now???? And MErry Christmas back at ya!!!!

  2. I remember watching this for the first time as a kid and thinking how awesome it would be to have an Auntie Mame. I need to get my young sons to watch this now.

    I have always said that I would like to be your neighbor and this confirms it.

  3. I adore this movie! Like Kellie said , I would love to be your neighbour , and we could all watch this together! Wishing you the merriest Christmas, and a wonderful new year! Take care! 😊💕🎄⛄️❄️🎅🏻🐾

  4. Annnnnd I first showed it to YOU. Ahhhh… my little Sean … I knew I.D open doors you never even knew existed ….

  5. And I would bring the popcorn, if we were all neighbors! Yes it is a great movie and it has been awhile since I watched it.

    • One of my ultimate faves….The Texas Theater (the one where the captured Oswald) shows it every year at this time. It sparkles even more on the big screen.

  6. I appreciate the fascinating back stories on this movie. Have yet to have seen it (ever!) but it sounds like one that I should hunt down on TCM at the next showing! Will be watching for it!

    • OOOHHH Debbie, that’s why I wrote about it….so people like you can discover it for the first time. Watch it as soon as you can…..it won’t disappoint!!!

      • I watched the trailer that you posted and… yes! YES! I would love this movie! The first time that it shows up in the TCM schedule is on 28 Feb at 12:30 PM. I don’t think I can wait that long!

  7. Just ordered a copy and had it shipped directly to my parents – so I can force the whole family to watch it on Christmas! Thanks. I know they will be amenable since they took me to a local production of Auntie Mame back in 1979 or so!

  8. What a lovely reminder of such a great movie. That we could all have an Auntie Mame! This brought back a huge deja vu……the first Broadway show I saw was Mame, with Angela Landsbury. I wasn’t supposed to go but my father got stuck out of town so I went in his place with my mom. A really special first experience. Thank you for the memory.

    • How awesome is that???? I’m kinda jealous now. My first official production was “A Chorus Line”. I think my dad took me to get closer to his gay-ish son. I LOVED it!!! Still do. He fell asleep….

      • What a lovely memory, and a great connection to a wonderful musical, And about the falling asleep…being in the realm of having barely seen the end of a movie in several years I would suggest he wasn’t bored. Trust me.

  9. I loved the book, and the other on I read as well “The Joyous Season”! I didn’t know it was a movie with Rosalind Russell,I have only seen the one with Lucille Ball. I’ll have to find this one now! Thanks!

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