41 comments on “She’s Got Star Quality

  1. Oh my gosh, love this card! (We are dog people too). Hope to see how you’ve decorated your house as well. AND– we just bought the Ikea shelves this morning to try to do our own version of your flag wall. Love love your style. You are so talented!

    • Hi Christa, We couldn’t wait to share this card. We even framed a poster of it. The house is almost complete (Most years we are still decorating on Christmas eve) But this year we’re hosting 3 holiday parties…and taking a week in NY……so the pressure is on. But even with all the activity, I promise to post a “Holiday House Tour” this year. Happy Holidays!

  2. Since my kids call me a crazy dog lady (dog rescue), you know I absolutely love this card! Y’all are just so talented. I must say, the floppy ear makes it. Merry Christmas!

  3. I agree… the floppy ear just makes it. Your choice of fonts are great too. So funny that it showed up in the magazine, after you had been saving the idea for years. I prefer your version!

  4. The effort was well worth it! To me, there’s nothing better than a ‘Screaming Kid Santa’ pic, but Harley’s curious ear has caused me to create a new favorites category, ‘Floppy Dog Ear.’

  5. I love this! And what a sweet face! There’s no way our spoiled little cockapoo would tolerate the wreath. She’s such a diva. Merry Christmas, y’all!

  6. Wondering where you have been. Glad to see the adorable floppy ear Doberman. Way too cute. Now I’m chasing the cat with a wreath in hand ( copycat.,tee hee..pun) , Carole

    • Hi Carole, sorry about the silence, November is a very busy work month for me, 5 cities in 6 weeks. Also, been working on a big project for the blog. We’re still here……and anxious to show off all the December decor. (Now leave that cat alone)

  7. NO way!! What a hoot that y’all are sharing a brain!! Love this, as always, your posts make me laugh. And your doggie is a doll. (Don’t tell her I called her that.) Have a great Christmas (holiday).

  8. What a beautiful holiday card of Harley. Our holiday photo cards were always well received since they included a lovely photo of Marcy our beloved pup. Losing her several months ago has prompted me to send out traditional cards this year. Photos of our pets or better still our special family member always manage to bring on the smiles. May the three of you have have a most blessed holiday seasons.

  9. Oh my goodness … my melting heart. Awwwwwwww. She’s such a good girl. Good girl Harley! Your daddies love you. Bring on the Christmas decor gentlemen!

    • Still tweaking the decor this year….(Hosting 3 holiday parties…so the pressure is on)But don’t worry. We’ll show it off as soon as were done.

  10. We have a new rescue Golden Retriever, Molly. Great minds think alike. I decided to place her in front of our gate with a big red bow tied around her neck. She always looks straight at me and smiles! Not this time! Finally got a card made, but I don’t have photo shop. Harley looks great!! Thanks for sharing…..it looks a lot better than mine. Sorry I am so late commenting, just got back from Ohio and Graeter’s ice cream!

    • Always teasing with that Graeter’s Ice Cream…..hhhmmmm. Try this website, http://ipiccy.com/ It’s not officially Photoshop, but it’s free, and you don’t have to download it to your PC. I use it a lot…mostly to make my…I mean, Jamie’s…. teeth whiter in pictures.

  11. This is so great I can hardly stand it! I think Harley’s pic turned out great. And the writing! “Humiliated Doberman” – you kill me. Just all-around fantastic, guys!

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