65 comments on “Greetings from Las Vegas

  1. What a great story! Congrats to you both, I hope you have many more happy years together! Your photos are beautiful what a breathtaking setting!

  2. OMG. Y’all look so adorable and the photos are amazing. I am so happy for you both. You both deserve a lifetime of happiness together. Congratulations! ❤️

  3. Congratulations! May y’all be blessed with many, many years of wedded bliss!🎊🎉👨‍❤️‍👨

  4. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for the wonderful couple. Wishing you the very best that life has to offer.

  5. Wow! So happy for the both of you! Lovely setting and pictures. Love your matching shoes!
    Congratulations, and wishing you both many more years of happiness!

  6. WHA…..!!!! Woweewoweewow
    That’s freakin GREAT news 💕 CONGRATULATIONS 🍾🎈🎊 couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple! And what a gorgeous location 👀 *sigh* Best wishes….now and always 🍰

    • Those amaze-ballz slippers are “Magic Carpet” shoes from Artemis Design. They are made from old kilim rugs. That’s the second pair, the first ones I had made from an old rug I found on eBay…….. but they didn’t use any of the navy. (Turks apparently don’t like navy) And we needed navy. So I bought 2 more pair OTR a week before we left.

  7. Love wins! This makes me so stinking happy! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful life.

  8. Congratulations to you both. You make a stunning couple. Cheers to years of happiness, health and love.

  9. I’m tearing up as I type this! Congratulations!!! You both looked so handsome and happy. Cheers to a long and happy marriage…and no diapers!

  10. So over the moon for you two amazing men!
    Congrats 🍾 ! Love your outfits,especially the shoes! Stunning place for pictures!

  11. I don’t know why I didn’t realize y’all weren’t married! I’ve loved following this blog and I hope there’s MUCH more to come. Congratulations on the wedding, I love the suits! 🙂

  12. Love, love, love . . . thank you for sharing this. Congratulations! Love the area you chose for your nuptials. So beautiful and so are the two of you!

  13. OMG!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! This is AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m so very happy that y’all were able to do this with so many people who love you in attendance!!! You both look incredibly handsome!! Those blue jackets!!! Just GLORIOUS! Did you register somewhere???? You have adoring fans: we need to know!!!

  14. Congrats. It looks so picturesque. After 31 years and three now adult children my partner and I are considering schlepping to our conservative small town courthouse to do the deed. The only advantage to me would be eventual Social Security payments. I’m afraid with current politics this right may be taken away.

  15. So happy you both found each other. I love the pictures and appreciate you sharing your story. What an awesome wedding at the Valley of Fire. That’s an amazing park. Wishing you continued happiness!

  16. So happy for the two of you!! What a lovely spot for a wedding and the two of you…looking pretty sharp!! Those Martha Stewart magazines can reside alongside my 80’s and 90’s Country Home and County Living magazines! Doesn’t everyone keep magazines for decades?? Now the velvet slippers??😀

  17. Congratulations! I’m so happy for both of you. I loved the pictures and you both looked so handsome (as usual). Thank you for sharing your story and pictures with us! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  18. Congrats to a very handsome pair. Wishing you much joy and happiness for years & years to come. And love your sartorial style! Just plain thrilled for you two!

  19. I love all of your stories–but this one might be my favorite! So beautiful–wishing you both all the happiness in the world.

  20. I absolutely love all of your posts…but this one was one of my fav’s! We reside in LV and often visit Valley of Fire, such a beautiful place….your pictures are wonderful and a big congratulations to you both and wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

  21. Howdy Neighbors! Loved reading your beautiful love story, similar to mine & Steve’s 🙂 Glad you both a good one to change your diapers 🙂 Congratulations on your marriage!

  22. Oh, my gosh! Congratulations!
    It sounds like the perfect wedding day.
    Your pictures can’t deny the love you share…may God bless you with many more years together.

  23. Congratulations on your WEDDING!!! So exciting, and you both look phenomenal! I hope you have many decades of wedded bliss!!!!

  24. Oh my gosh, James, this made me cry! I’m so happy for both of you, truly happy. I live in Canada and I always assumed you were married; but that’s because I’m in Canada and marriage is legal for all (yes and pot is legal here too lol). The photographs of your wedding are so perfect and the background is spectacular and the group of loved ones near is so fitting. Many, Many years of continued happiness, health and laughter ahead. And yes, #lovewins …. always…..

  25. Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding. I admit I was hoping for a hint of a strong shoulder pad or a flounce somewhere 😉 But those kilim slippers are amazing enough to make up for the lack of 80s style!

  26. Late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS!

    The photos are wonderful and you both look gorgeous!

  27. Congrats to you two. Love the beautiful pics and that your family and friends were there. My son had a similar wedding to his partner in Central Park before it was legal in Texas. It was lovely. So happy for y’all!

  28. HOW did I miss this post last month ?! You both look so freakin amazing. Congratulations ! And I always learn something new in each post: glad to know there’s someone else with (almost ) every copy of MSL….

    • Thanks so much Chris, (and moving those magazines around the house every few months is going to be the death of me one day.)

  29. By far, the best post on the Cavender Diary! Beautiful pictures to match the story. You proved not all storybook weddings need to have all the pomp and circumstance that some people dream of. The simplicity of everything just highlighted the real meaning behind the day. Congratulations!

  30. I just read your story and I
    want to say Congratulations to you both!! And yes, love wins!!

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