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  1. How funny that you would post this. My son has been posting what he calls “the social distancing “ album of the day and yesterday was Heartbeat City by the Cars. With the song of the day, the title track Heartbeat City. Now I feel like I just read a Paul Harvey article with the rest of the story!

    • Small world, Hugh? The Cars has long been one of my favorite bands. They were heavily influenced by Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Believe it or not…

  2. Ha! I loved that album cover too! I was working at a Peaches store when it came out in the summer of 1979. Remember Peaches stores would post huge blown up 6′ square covers? They would use a slide projector to cast them onto a board and an artist would hand paint them. They called them “art boards.” We employees could buy them when they came down. I should have bought this as well as several others but they would not have fit in my car at the time.

    • I remember those, on the side of Tower Records in LA. AND in the movie Xanadu, that’s what Sonny does for a living…. of course, until he meets Olivia Neutron Bomb and she changes his destiny.

  3. Great piece! I love learning about these kind of stories. So sad to hear you’re not a fan of Candy-O! It’s one of my top 3. Are you more of a Heartbeat City person?

    • Hi Mandy. I love learning about the behind the scenes goings on as well; how things came to be. I’ve been told that it’s hard to watch an old movie with me in silence because I pepper in trivia throughout. Heartbeat city is a great album but it sounds so…. produced. Mutt Lang, ya know. It’s hard to pic a favorite, but I probably like the first album to most. It’s just sounds so fresh. Every time I listen to it.

    • Mandy…I put the Candy-0 lp right up there just behind the debut record. a true cars original with awesome tunes. one of the best for sure.

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  5. Funny, I was watching “Night of the Grizzly” and was googling the actors, and there was Candy. Interesting.

    • I know Heartbeat City was their most commercially successful, it just seems so over-produced for my tastes. Although I do love “Drive”. (Mutt Lang certainly knows how to sell Def Leopard.) My favorite is by far the Cars first album. Give it a listen sometime. The guitar riffs and Buddy Holly-esque vocals are just perfection.

  6. Hi I have a a copy of the LP record kandio and above the printer signature Alberto Vargas has signed this signature off you know and I’m just wondering I’ve had this for over 30 years and I’m thinking about the process of investigating selling it do you have any suggestions about where I can go ahead and get some you know putting it information pertaining to estimated value of it based on the point that it’s a very popular album cover and also you know in a signature of Alberto Vargas if you have any input please give me responsible

    • Hi Lawrence, wish I could help. I think Ebay might be your best bet. You might make a connection with a seller there who has more of an idea of value, and desirability. Just check to see what similar items are selling for.

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