5 comments on “Candy-O

  1. How funny that you would post this. My son has been posting what he calls “the social distancing “ album of the day and yesterday was Heartbeat City by the Cars. With the song of the day, the title track Heartbeat City. Now I feel like I just read a Paul Harvey article with the rest of the story!

    • Small world, Hugh? The Cars has long been one of my favorite bands. They were heavily influenced by Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Believe it or not…

  2. Ha! I loved that album cover too! I was working at a Peaches store when it came out in the summer of 1979. Remember Peaches stores would post huge blown up 6′ square covers? They would use a slide projector to cast them onto a board and an artist would hand paint them. They called them “art boards.” We employees could buy them when they came down. I should have bought this as well as several others but they would not have fit in my car at the time.

    • I remember those, on the side of Tower Records in LA. AND in the movie Xanadu, that’s what Sonny does for a living…. of course, until he meets Olivia Neutron Bomb and she changes his destiny.

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