10 comments on “Ronan Farrow’s BIG BOY Apartment

  1. Well, it is perfect and high end. It is Manhattan. I prefer your approach – much warmer and I love the colors used in your décor.

  2. Very nice space but there’s something about sleeping in a high rise that gives me the jitters. Maybe its my fear of heights kicking in. In any case, although I prefer my living quarters closer to the ground, it is very tasteful and sophisticated. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow – I like it, Ronan! He’s engaged now, so I wonder if he lives in the same place + if it still looks the same. We enjoy him when we’ve seen him interviewed on television. He’s very articulate + has a great sense of humor, even when Stephen Colbert teased him about Frank Sinatra.

  4. I loved your comment about how this was hidden behind 80 drafts in your WordPress. It’s on my list to sift through the 100+ I have in mine. There are some great ideas up in there! And this was very interesting. Glad you found it.

    • LOL, I write a lot…. I just don’t always finish the thought. When I saw that skit on Family Guy I remembered writing something about his apartment…. And there it was, left back in 2015. HA! Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Wow, it’s DARLING! I love it. I bet it’s got a GREAT view, too. Can’t imagine how much it cost, tho…..more than I’d be able to pay, I’m sure!

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