3 comments on “Beck, I Hear You Calling

  1. Such a great tribute to your (obviously) beloved band!! Between my laughing, I’m rolling my eyes thinking of all the people (me) who don’t know all they players you are talking about, but I read anyway for the music history and the passion of their fans which is really what live music is all about! OK – now let’s talk the Grateful Dead and their Long Strange Trip. You aren’t doing anything – I’m sure you have 3.7 hours to devote to this Dead Head – plus eye rolling is good exercise!

    • Cackie!!!! You crack me up! I mean, surely you know the song….. and Paul Lynde, and Gene Simmons, surely. Right? If not, I’m glad that I could tech you something new. Because I know nothing about The Grateful Dead; they performed at Woodstock, Jerry Garcia had 9.5 fingers, and their only top 40 hit was “Touch of Grey”…. That is absolutely ALL I know!

  2. I always loved that song. Even back in the KiSS days. It was so sad, we thought. We thought it meant the love of his life died!! Just goes to show that you have to read all the liner notes!! I still buy albums and cd’s and read every liner note. I like to know all the little details. I can see you are even more of a fan of music than I am!! Thank you for this great blog post. Christine.

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