57 comments on “Christmas on Cavender 2020

  1. I just love your Christmas decorations. Many of your glass ornaments remind me of my childhood Christmases. We had a lot of hand-me-down glass ornaments that required dusting before they went on the tree. Sadly, my sister donated them to Goodwill prior to moving out of state. I regret that I didn’t contact them to try to get them back.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection. I love seeing how you put everything to use.

    Appreciatively, Mary.


    • Hi Mary! My grandparents had a lot of similar ornaments too, I remember from when I was just a tot. My Mom says that in the mid 70’s they tossed everything old out in favor of more contemporary decorations. Glad my collection could spark some fond memories for you. Happy New Year!

  2. ALWAYS look so forward to your Christmas post every year. Thought I had missed it! 😭 You have outdone yourself!! Incredibly beautiful pictures that are so perfectly complimented by your fascinating narrative. I always learn so much from ALL your posts… but the Christmas one is by far my favorite.

    • We have a pretty big attic, and garage, and several closets.. and really anywhere it fits. Trust me…. this is just the tip of the “Christmas Hoard” too!

  3. I can’t pick a favorite vignette – they all are so amazing. And your home – gorgeous! Everything comes together so perfectly. Thank you for the details, too – so fun to read about the different pieces. Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you for sharing with us!! Always love seeing your collection! Can totally relate to not having our shit together. Happy Holidays!!

  5. Jim, Thank you for the tour and commentary. I loves the walk down history lane. I hope you and Jamie have a great New Year.

    • Thanks George! I’m always fascinated by the history of things…. esp when they used to belong to someone else. I hope you and your family have an awesome new year too!

  6. Mind blown!
    I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that striped day bed next to what looks like a red typewriter table.
    Natch, I love it!
    In conclusion: someone needs to write a Christmas book!

    • The daybed is a new-ish edition, prolly 3 -4 years. And the red table is an elementary school desk. It was one of those things that made me squeal with absolute joy when I found it! I’ve toyed with a book idea for years…. time will tell.

  7. Thank you so much for the tour and thorough descriptions. You put the ‘Merry’ in Merry Christmas!
    Really enjoyed this posting.

  8. Thank you so much for posting your wonderful Christmas tour! I really believe it is the best yet!! I find myself smiling as I’m looking at your photos! I have my mothers and my uncles light bulbs from their childhood Christmas. My uncles is a Chinese lantern and my mother’s is a Santa’s head. Thank you for explaining the difference between Shiny Brite and the other makers. I collect what I love not really paying attention to the make but it’s so interesting to know the difference. Wishing you both a wonderful New Year!

  9. I love it and love the picture with Harley. I’ve been hoarding old ornaments since some time in the 80’s when a friend was doing it. I have my mom’s ornaments and she lived in Germany before I was born. Nothing beats the few purple Shiney Brites with four horizontal lines like yours. Mine all have green yarn on them from the year in the late 1960’s my mother couldn’t find the hooks. Please do a post about where you store it all! Mine is in the attic and we are screwed when my kids stop coming home for Thanksgiving. The youngest is 21 so it will be soon… I hope you guys have a Happy New Year!

    • Awww, it wouldn’t be Christmas without our sweet Harley. She always wore pearls at our Christmas parties. I posted a few years ago about our Christmas storage, I floored the attic with old crates, and I put shelves in the garage over the door that hold 10 tubs. Ooooohhh and also the kitchen banquette opens. It holds all my Radkos. Happy New Year to you as well!

  10. I found my first figural light bulbs last month (4 Santas and 2 houses) at an estate sale and it’s all thanks to you! I had never heard of them before you! Merry Christmas!

    • That’s so awesome! So glad i can inspire new collectors! I’m still finding ones I’ve never seen before… I think I bought 10 new ones in the past week.

  11. Loved it. Thanks for sharing your home with me.

    Warmest regards,


    On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 10:11 PM THE CAVENDER DIARY wrote:

    > James posted: ” I know, I know… this year’s been a disaster. I can’t > even get my shit together long enough to post my Christmas pictures before > Christmas. Being a hoarder/collector of vintage Christmas, there’s almost > always a pile of old ornaments on the kitch” >

  12. The trees and decorations look spectacular. Makes me wish I had held on to all my parents decorations, but I’m lucky if I can gather up enough energy (especially this year) to put up a tree and a handful of decorations. Thanks for sharing and providing some well needed Christmas spirit. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year Chuck! We didn’t have the same amount of energy we’ve had in the past, that’s why the trees are so bare. You know, compared to how I usually pack it all in.

  13. One of the down sides of living in the middle of nowhere, like I do, is no high speed internet. I am still waiting for all the photos to download!😂. No kidding! I can see the top 1/8 of each photo. But I am not giving up, I would go to the library to see it if not for Covid. Not sure exactly when I will get to view the entirety of this post but I am sure I will love it. Cause I love all your stuff. ❤️

    • Hi Lucinda, I spend quite a lot of time at Curiosities In Lakewood. and Lulu B’s, Forestwood Antique Mall, Benny Jack’s, and Dolly Python. I buy, and sell – lately, a LOT on eBay.

  14. Absolutely stunning…
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about the history of alllll the ornaments..

    Come decorate our homes!!

    • Aww thank you Robin! I’m kinda fascinated by history of how things came to be…. especially American Christmas. Glad you liked.

  15. Just seeing this post..but it doesn’t matter as I would enjoy your fabulous collections in the middle of summer. Oh, what a JOY to see!!! Drooling as I go, I’ve backed up and looked at everything 5 more times!! Thank you for posting, James…everything, as always, is fun and spectacular!! Sending love and wishing you two a Happy Brand New Year!!! Xoxo

  16. Wow, this is just awesome!!! I love everything!! I have my hoard/collection also, and I enjoy it all very much. Thank you for sharing with us :).

  17. Cathy said she would enjoy your fabulous collections in the middle of the summer, and I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I have had a look at your gorgeous decorations about once a week since you’ve posted. I finally decided it’s time to leave a comment after stalking so long. Just wow! I can’t say I have a favorite vignette, but I love the idea of the vintage pins on the foam tree–just something I didn’t notice ’til today. I’m a huge fan of the shiny brights and have a ‘few’ myself. Nothing can compare to your wonderful sense of style! Thank you for inspiring me and sharing! Always look forward to all of your posts! Happy almost end of January!

    • Hi Sara, I’m so glad you finally took the time to comment. Those pins are a relatively new collection for us.. or Jamie. He started finding them a few years ago and we added them to a tree in honor of a dear friend of ours, Toni. She has been collecting for about 50 years longer than we have and always does a foam tree of them as a centerpiece for her December diner parties. Glad you like.

  18. Hello!
    My goodness, what a magnificent Christmas display. You’ve given me high goals to work towards..
    My friend lost her house in a fire last year, and with them her grandmother’s set of 12 Kentlee mercury-glass candy canes, which meant a lot to her. Is there somewhere in particular that you had luck finding yours? While the sentimental value can’t be replaced, I would love to find the physical items so that she can have that connection again. Having trouble tracking down more than one.

    Have fun with Christmas 2022 🙂

    • Hi Kelly, thank you. I’ve been collecting over 30 years. I love Kentlee candy canes. It’s taken me decades to accumulated the handful that I have…. 1 at a time. Mostly they come from eBay and flea markets. I used to score them for about $15 each, but now they go for about $50. I wish I had a box, I’ve never seen one for sale. Best of luck.

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