5 comments on “San Juan, Post-Covid

  1. I miss that you guys do not post regularly anymore, I avidly followed you. Could we see your new pool at least?

    • Awww Laurie, you are so sweet. I didn’t think anyone even noticed. I guess after 11 years I’ve run out of things to post about. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, I have about 50 half written posts…. and yes, the story of our pool is one of those in limbo. I really do want y’all to see it. Especially after the whole day we spend styling the back yard for the “final pictures”. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

      • I too, miss your posts. I saw your update on FB and wanted to check for more on the blog. I’m sure you’ve been busy during COVID and I miss your pupper.

      • Y’all are just too sweet. It warms my heart. I’m working on a couple Christmas posts right now. Ohhhh, and we have two crazy dogs now. 😜

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