19 comments on “New Fence

  1. Omg! We were thinking of doing our fence this same way! I love it. I hope we can see your place soon!

  2. We really love your fence and have followed your blog for a few months now. We are about to purchase a home and would like to do something like this. May we ask how many feet you had done and what was the approximate cost? Thanks!

    • Hi Joshua, We have 30 6-foot sections and 2 gates. We met with many fence builders and only a few would build a horizontal fence. and wanted anywheref rom 8 to 15 thousand…that still makes me laugh. We ended up using my contractors son-in-law for the cost of wood and about a couple hundered a day. Took him about 3 weeks alone. (off and on)
      We LOVE it!!! first major project we did.
      We wil be building a small section ourselves to hide the air conditioner this spring.
      Stay tuned

      • Almost same story w/ our horizontal fence. The first couple of contractors didn’t want to do it (more labor ‘coz they can’t buy pre-made horizontal panels). Only one agreed to do it exactly as I wanted just so he could try putting up a horizontal fence. He asked for only $2g for labor (it took him almost 2 wks by himself). We were so happy w/ the outcome that we tipped him a lot! LOL! He was also happy that he had done it so he could add it to his fence selection. (Our fence was just done on Sept 2019).

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  5. Hey your fence looks awesome! I am thinking of doing the same style at my house and I was just wondering how wide your fence slats are and the size of the gap between them. Thanks and nice work!

  6. Hi James,

    I assume the 4×4 posts are cemented into the ground. How about the smaller posts in between the 4×4 that look like 2x4s, are those also cemented into the ground?

    Thanks, Milad

  7. Greetings!

    Your fence looks spectacular! I’ve been researching horizontal fences and have some questions, if you’d be so kind. Are the horizontal pieces cedar and the vertical pieces regular fencing wood? Did your contractor create his own plan or are those premade parts? Also what state do you live in? I’m in PA and the small amount of looking I’ve done seems to indicate that getting cedar is difficult. Thanks so much for your time!

    • Hi Sara, Our contractor created this fence all on his own…from a picture I showed him. We met with 10 contractors and none of them wanted to build a horizontal fence. It takes a while longer than a traditional one. The Horizontal slats are cedar, but yes, the posts are just regular fencing wood posts. We live in Texas. Cedar is not a “long term” wood..it’s soft, bends as it dries and turns grey…We’d probably use a different wood if we did it again…Hope this helps.

  8. Hey James….excellent work. In the above post you mentioned you’d use another would other than cedar. Which wood would you use if you did it all over again?

    • Hi Anthony, I’m not sure. Pressure treated lumber of some sort. The cedar was so beautiful in the beginning…..but then it dried, the stain chipped off, and it bleached in the sun.

  9. Very nice, I assume Texas doesn’t require the support side to face towards your own property? My neighbors would have a fit and call code enforcement on me unfortunately if I had the clean side facing inwards, but I love this fence and did a similar garden gate for our yard entrance (the rest of our fences in yard is ugly chain link )

    • We actually went back and fourth on which side faced where. I decided that if we were paying for it…. I wanna look at the pretty side. It mostly faces the driveway and alley anyway.

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