8 comments on ““The New Normal” Set for Sale

    • OOOh God! I never even thought of that …I hope not, most of the items were “inspired by” the show…only a handful were from the actual set…..set decorators buy way more stuff than they use….maybe the rest was “left-overs”

  1. Hey, Cavender Boys! Thought you should know, Edward Curtis was featured in this month’s (or maybe Feb’s) edition of Cowboys & Indians. Love your style! But the inspiration is starting to cost me a bundle, haha!

    • Sadie, that’s one of our Favorite magazines, can’t believe we missed it……I’ll be scroungin for that issue now…Thanks

    • Had to tell you , April issue! Just got it , great article….. I’m ordering the biography now. Thanks for the “heads up”

  2. I find this blog because I search the star light fixture from glee ( http://www.mjsbigblog.com/myphotos/gallery/glee-guilty-pleasures/417GLEE_Ep417-Sc42_109.jpg ) do you know where I could find the same? I don’t remember the one in the The New Normal, I’m going to watch the serie again! Anyway even if I don’t find it I love the article about Ryan Murphy’s home, and I have the same fascination as you for Vintage Marque Letters, so thank for the amazing links.

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