34 comments on “New/Old Steamer Trunk

  1. It’s so agonizing to be scrolling and having to hold out to see the finished product. You know with each step it’s getting more and more awesome, and you just.have.to.wait.for.it. Aghhhh.

    Totally worth waiting for. 🙂

    • I always want to post the finished project in the first photo ( it’s usually the bet picture) but I have to make y’all wait ….just for that reason

    • They are available at the LV boutiques….Jamie picked them up on a trip to Vegas a few weeks ago

      But Amazon has several styles of the other lables online

  2. Really?? Y’all piss me off! In a GOOD way!!! 🙂 Wish I had half of your patience. The trunk looks fabulous! Just like everything else in your house!

    • I know, I read your post. LOVE it with leggs.
      That is an Ikea Couch…we are having some issues with it…wanna add another piece (long story, I’ll post the whole story soon).. I found a stack of trunks with wood similar to mine yesterday..they started at $165…AS IF..mine was free

  3. The cushion on my chaise keeps sliding off…doesn’t match up with the velcro. Is this the same problem you’re having? Still LOVE the whole set though! I bought the same layout as Young House Love! =)

    • There is a “weird” noise of the air being pushed from the cushions when we sit on it……But the velcro seems to line up ok…Yeah, we saw the Young House Lovers set up too…..and painted the leggs like they did .

  4. I wonder if you could spruce up an old foot locker to look as good? I’ll have to look around, I must have one. Ann

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  6. Hi – I just picked up a nice steamer trunk today from a charity shop – not that cheap £65 – but its in really good condition – just deciding how to make it over ! – I love your site and the end result of your trunk looks amazing – I found you by searching for vintage steamer labels – thanks so much for sharing – Louize x

  7. Since I’m a lover of all things old, & a fairly new student – yet ardent supporter of repurposed/refurbished furniture – AND since my partner & I are also two men in our forties, your site (& witty sense of humor) seems like something I’d enjoy getting to know more of…

    Thanks for the DIY info on the trunk, as I am currently repurposing an old steamer trunk to create what will be our coffee table.

    Thanks again!
    Fred (& Bob)

    • Welcome aboard, Fred. It’s nice to be able to connect with other like-minded people like you…….and hopefully Bob as well. If you can actually read the first 400 posts…..don’t worry, We have lots more to share. Great to have you here!

  8. Wow you transformed a tacky looking old trunk into one with real character. You are sooooooo talented. I wish I could do a small fraction of the magic you are so incredibly capable of doing. Keep up the amazing work.

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