13 comments on “Extreme Paint by Numbering

  1. WOW! I vote you find that wall in your home that would support that bronc-riding cowboy and go for it!!!!

  2. Nice! Wish I’d thought of this when I was a decorative painter. I did collect PBNs for a while, but have now curated it down to two barns. Now that we’re moving to the tiny modern, I may have to save them for future cabin.

  3. I collected several PBNs for the wall of our cabin bedroom. Love them!!

    And, hey, who needs a wall? Do your garage door, circa 1960s!!

  4. Gosh, I really, REALLY love your blog. I could read it all day – in fact I just did! I realize this post is quite old, but I thought y’all might appreciate the cool cowboy PBN mural I painted in the living room of my previous house. Unfortunately had to leave it behind when we moved across the country, but the new owner adores it (whew!) I plan to do another one in my new house, someday…. but as a triptych on panels (so I can take it with me if needed!) Here’s a link to my FB page with several photos: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152042592911928&set=a.10150261695261928.366718.50484291927

    • Jess, that thing is awesome!!! It woudl be hard for me to leave it behind…I guess you couldn’t take the wall with you, HA! Still looking for a place in the Cavender house to do one…..the bigger the better, I think.

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  6. How can I purchase these paint-by-number pictures to paint. I have always wanted something to paint of cowboys, indians and horses.

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