9 comments on “Carter the Great

  1. Wow!!!!! This is just the most amazing ! Please do more stories of interesting subjects ! You are just the most knowledgeable about unique things , and very deverse . I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out the rest of the story. That magician is just the ultimate . Now I am so fascinated to learn everything about him! Thank you so! You are the best! Love, Mary Jo

    • I knew that you would like him Mary Jo. You have such a facinction for historical figures. I know that a lot of people haven’t heard of him……his advertizing is just the most amazing…..I had to share some knowledge.
      NO, you are the best,

  2. This has nothing to do with Carter the Great, but everything to do with the book you shared that you enjoyed reading. I bought “Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher: The Epic Lfe and Immortal Photographs of Edward Curtis”, on my Kindle and have read it on our vacation this week. It has enthused me to want to find his photos, the books, the recordings and motion pictures he created. It’s a wonderful book. Thanks for recommending it earlier on your blog.

    • Barbara!!!!! I’m so glad you liked it!!!! He was such an adventurer….a real life Indiana Jones…don’t you think someone would do a documentary with all his audio/visual by now….pretty sure the library of Congress owns all of it.

  3. Probably best the son stuck with ‘Carter’. ‘Larry the Great’ doesn’t have quite the same ring…

    I’m with Barbara, in that you’ve turned me on to some interesting and awesome stuff through your blog. Edward Curtis and Frankoma are the big ones. I say thank you. My bank account, not so much.


    • I’ve only just begun, I haven’t even started writing about Bauer, Pendleton, or Radko….many, many addictions to go…..
      stick around ladies,

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