15 comments on “Mr. Peanut Meets his Match……

  1. I hate to give away my real age but if mom was pregnant with me than it had to be the mid 70’s, not the late 70’s.

  2. Sweet birthday message! A wonderful birthday gift! (From the heart & with humor)
    Such talent in your words & sharing stories!
    My husband, your brother, Sweet lil’ wa- wa – is this why he does not like peanuts very much?
    Member when you and I bought the Mr. Peanuts marble? At Buchanans Flea Market? Still have it!

    • It’s a document, as I get older I’m forgetting more and more……writing it down helps to remember. Someday, I may not remember any of my stories at all.

  3. My nephew, the exhibitionist, would walk around and ask everybody if they wanted to see his “peanuts” (penis) when he was about three years old. That’s the direction I thought this was going too. My bad! Happy Birthday Wa a Wa!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. This made me cry laughing! Right at the part you say your parents lost it. Cuz that’s my husband & I with our kids! Love it. HBD brother Joshua!

    • Jen, he posted this story on his Facebook page and opened it up to a whole new crowd of friends…..His girls had never heard it before, they just knew he was Wa-A-Wa once……

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