4 comments on “H&M Sells Pillows

    • Glad that you like the H&M site, and ours too of course, the stores are always too busy for me to stomach…….but website, pretty easy to shop on.

      Thanks for reading

  1. You ALWAYS find the coolest stuff! I’ve got my “bag” full of those pillows and going to see what else I can find. I love reading your entertaining BLOG and always have to link to where you send me! BTW I saw some of those little plastic Indians at Warrenton-Antique week yesterday…thought of you. Love horses, love western, so keep that stuff coming! At Jan Theriot Designs in Warrenton they had some vintage soft washed amazing plaid flannel (westernish) shirts I bought…can’t wait for fall!

    • I’m not guaranteeing the quality of a 5$ pillow cover, but we’ll see. Right?
      Those Indians are great, can you believe that I have 17 of them? I wanted to document as much as I could about them, so people would know.
      Just dropped my Pendleton blanket coat at the tailors to have the sleeves let out……ready next week, so bring on the FALL.
      I’m so glad that we share the same tastes.

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