4 comments on “I Love a Parade

  1. My grandfather who wrote for the NY Post used to take my mom and her little brother every year. In the 30’s. Thanks for the pictures! Reminded me of her stories. Not sure whether it was true that the workers got fired if they refused to march as my grandfather told them.

    • How awesome is that Sarah!.. Macy’s is pretty strict, making their employees work today and all.

      When I saw that picture of the little girl and Snoopy in the window..I had to find more. It reminds me of “Miracle on 34th St.”

  2. Such lovely photos. It is so nice to see such beloved characters from the ‘old’ days. They don’t look as polished and perfect as they do today, which makes them all the more charming. And no advertising!
    Love your blog, a really interesting place to stop by and read. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

    • Thanks Michele, It is charming to see characters in a parade that aren’t selling a breakfast cereal or video game. Glad you stop by, we’re glad that we can entertain.

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