10 comments on “East Village Penthouse with Patina

  1. Hi, the previous and this email is as below. Hey, I’m missing you guys!

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  2. Beautiful inside and out. Wonder how the terrace trees and plants faired during the dreadful NYC winter? How do they get trees up on those terraces? Lots of questions here.

    • Everything we planted died in Texas this past winter…… And if you’re wondering how they get everythign up there…the answer is probably “Money”.

  3. I’m dying. I don’t know how I could live so monochromatically, but I could try. That terrace is stunning. I’m very behind in my Cavender reading. Must have gotten busy at work or something. 🙂

    • I love a lot of color too…You should see our dishes! There are some blogs I go to once a month, and spend a few hours catching up with all that’s happened since I was there last.

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